Auto Upholstery in Temecula
Frank’s Hot Rods Auto Upholstery in Temecula handles all types of auto upholstery services including auto upholstery repair, replacement, design & installation for custom hot rods, street rods, daily drivers and fleet vehicles. We put in the effort to make sure our customers are absolutely happy with their new interior. With over 35 years of combined experience, no auto interior job is too small or too big for us to handle!
Custom Car Interiors
From a 3d render to your new custom car interior, we design, fabricate and install one of a kind, custom car interiors and trunks in fabric and leather. We have won awards for our upholstery jobs and continue to push the envelope with new ideas to make your custom upholstery job really stand out!
Small Tear & Rip Repair
We can repair small rips in fabric and leather, repair ripping seams and just about any car interior repair. Make your interior look new again!.
Convertible Tops
Do you have a saggy, ripped, torn or faded convertible top? We offer factory and aftermarket replacement convertible tops and convertible top repairs.
Leather Interior Kits
We offer aftermarket leather interior kits for just about every make and model of car, truck or SUV. Call us for a quick quote!
Fleet Vehicle Interiors
Using our quality upholstery services, we can maintain your fleet vehicle upholstery so the cars and trucks to lengthen their service life.
Insurance Work
We work with a variety of insurance companies to get your car repaired quickly and easily.
Here are some examples of our recent auto upholstery services:
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