1940 Ford Pick-Up Custom Upholstery
This 1940 Ford pick-up truck was built by Barry’s Speed Shop. The proud owners were looking to add a unique style truck to their vehicle collection and decided they wanted the truck to have a “Vintage” look.

After having Barry’s Speed Shop completely update the drive train and paint the exterior with a truly unique tan paint it was ready for a custom Interior.

The leather chosen was a distressed style brown leather that not only accents the color of the truck, but also places an exclamation mark on the “vintage” look they were looking for.

Even though the Interior was given an updated custom “one piece” molded headliner, an insert with double stitched pleats was made to keep the “vintage” look.

The seat was custom made starting with the base/storage compartment, foam and then upholstered in leather with the same double stitched pleats.

After the door panels were made and upholstered we decided they were missing that special something… We then came up with the idea of “distressing” the “Ford” insignia on both door panels. At the end of the day our customers agree the “distressed” insignia gave the interior that extra “vintage” look to tie it all together.

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